WANTED: Apple “apple juica” Juice

Hello gamers, we are currently on a manhunt for Apple “apple juica” Juice.


Here is his mugshot: 


He can commonly be found:

  1. Riding da Dodongo
  2. Commentating Tecmo Bowl games
  3. Owning so hard (so hard)
  4. Flying a blimp
  5. Gaming on his Nintendo branded hardware
  6. Owning harder than ever


What he could be up to now:

  1. Training in the mountains to own in Smash


Any and all clues are welcome. The currently bounty for bringing him in the remains of the GCL Game Cache.


Game on!


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  • Christopherzilla says:

    put out an APB
    we’re going to hunt this motherfucker down and nail him to the wall
    nobody gets away with breaking Refia’s heart

  • Mock says:

    alias include:

    Nate Lars
    apple, son of tree, father of guile, guardian of gamers

    approach subject with AAA nintendo games, no BOTW.

  • gamma says:

    It doesn’t have to end like this…
    We will all be here when the time is right.

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